Fontana Nissan Special

Get 3 Oil Changes

Includes: Replace up to 5 quarts of conventional oil, install of genuine Nissan oil filter, check and top-off all fluid levels. $20.00 additional for synthetic oil
Fontana Nissan Special

Front Brake Pad Replacement

Service includes: install Nissan Valve Advantage brake pads, inspect rotors and calipers, road test vehicle, resurfacing brake rotors included
Fontana Nissan Special

Computerized 4-Wheel Alignment

Service includes: 4-wheel alignment, check and adjust toe, check camber and caster, check tire wear
& pressure, check all steering and suspension.
Fontana Nissan Special

Wild Card

Savings Up To
$100 - $200
$15 Off
$201 - $499
$30 Off
$500 or More
$50 Off
Fontana Nissan Special

Coolant Service

Includes: Clean debris from cooling system, remove rust, scale and sludge from cooling system fins, clean rust from coolant lines, amd replenish depleted coolant additives
Fontana Nissan Special

Fuel Induction Service

This will help restore fuel efficiency, restore power and reduce harmful emissions. Includes cleaning of fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum air intake, intake valves and ports while removing combustion chamber deposits and correcting balance of fuel and air system
Fontana Nissan Special

Brake Flush

Recommended Every 20,000 Miles, or 2 Years
The Brake Service completely removes all the old brake fluid & replaces it with fresh fluid,
supplemented with a conditioner that will maximize brake fluid performance. This prevents corrosion
in master cylinder, cleans varnish from the brake system, removes air from the brake lines &
replaces worn brake fluid with BG Heavy Duty DOT 3 or DOT 4 Brake Fluid.
Fontana Nissan Special

CVT Transmission Drain & Fill

Automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Fluid Protects The Transmission By Cleaning, Cooling & Lubricating The Gears And Helps The Gears To Shift Smoothly & Efficiently
Fontana Nissan Special

Sunbit Program

As low as 0% financing