Importance of Routine Maintenance

When you take care of your Nissan model, you can expect to enjoy driving it for years to come. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of routine maintenance, while others are often confused as to what a proper Nissan service schedule actually is, which is why we are here to help.

When Certain Services are Needed

Your vehicle’s service manual is the best way to learn how to maintain your Nissan. It was written by Nissan factory representatives who designed and built the car. It stands to reason that they should also know how best to keep everything running smoothly.

Along with relying on your car’s service manual, which is developed for each Fontana Nissan, knowing when to schedule certain needed Nissan services will depend on your driving style. For example, more frequent servicing may be required for high mileage drivers. Long-distance driving also puts different stress on your vehicle compared to driving about town, so you must carefully consider whether you think you need to increase the interval at which you undertake maintenance. Most recommendations are based around time (every six months) or mileage (every 10,000 miles).

What Are Most Important Items to Service

While most Nissan owners are aware of when certain services are required, there are times when scheduling other services can be a bit confusing. Other than routine maintenance like oil changes and brake changes, you will also need to remember to bring your vehicle to our knowledgeable service professionals at the right time for imperative services like tire rotation, belt and hoses, changes inside your Nissan’s engine, brake rotor swap, spark plug replacement and most importantly a transmission flush.

These services are often challenging for the common car owner, and if not performed correctly, it can mean more money out of pocket. If services aren’t performed at the proper time (based on your driving style) you could be looking for a hefty cost repair.

Scheduling a Service Visit at Fontana Nissan

The Service Center at Fontana Nissan not only provides your Nissan vehicle with the appropriate maintenance, but we also assure you that we will get to know both you and your vehicle to determine how to best keep your model running in peak condition. This often includes a thorough conversation with our helpful service professionals, who can even assist in creating a detailed service schedule for the entire life of your Nissan.

Service with a Side of Savings

It is always nice to save a little bit of money when it comes to taking care of your vehicle and the Service Department here at Fontana Nissan is even able to make this possible. Thanks to our ongoing service specials on routine maintenance services like a four-wheel alignment, brake service as well as an ongoing oil change specials, you can keep moving while saving a little or even a lot of dough.

Let Us Help You Keep Rolling

If you are ready to let us help you keep rolling no matter what kind of Nissan model you own, contact the hard-working Nissan Service team here at Fontana Nissan today!

Nissan Maintenance